Jumaat, 15 Julai 2011


 Najib Razak-beginning of a legacy.
"I want to be the people's Prime Minister. I am with the people and  I always be with them".
Mohd Najib Abdul Razak was born on July 23,1953 in Kuala Lipis,Pahang.He is the eldest son of the late Abdul Razak Hussein and Rahah Mohd Noah.
He was educated at St.John Institution in Kuala Lumpur and Malvern Boy's College in Worcestershire,England.
Mohd Najib is  married to Rosmah Mansor,and is the proud father of five children.

Five weeks after his father's passing,Najib,at the age of 22 was elected to fill the pekan vacancy,becoming the youngest member of parliament in malaysia's history.
Mohd Najib Abdul razak- 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

As he always say"It's impossible to satisfy everyone.I seek to satisfy the public first of all".

          beginning of a legacy 
          commemorating one year as
          Prime Minister of Malaysia. 
photo: Google.

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