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Isnin, 11 Julai 2011


Wikipedia: A translucent substance extracted from collagen from animal connective tissue like bones and skin.(I prefer HALAGEL).

Agar-agar, gelatin,konnyaku such as simple-looking ingredients that make some of the most wonderful dessert.Agar-agar is the natural substance derived from seaweed,while gelatin comes from the collagen inside animals 'skin and bone although there is now vegetarian version which is chemically product.

Konnyaku jelly powder is made from grinding the tuber root of the konjac(devils' tongue)-quiet and intimidating  looking plant .

Here is some facts about agar-agar.It has virtually zero calories and a high fibre content.But there's something we all needed to remind our selves when we are enjoying the cool taste  and texture of jelly:the amount sugar that goes into agar-agar.
As the Iranian proverb says,
"When fortune turns against you,even jelly breaks your teeth!.
source: Don't call me chef-STAR Monday 4 July 2011.

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